Presents with Presence

We have all done it, dashed into the shops at the last minute, grabbed stuff, threw it on the credit card, without thinking about the financial consequences — or even what the recipient really wants or needs.

Gift giving has been around since the beginning of time. But as technology developed, marketing and advertising have convinced us that we need to be buying the latest and greatest. We look for the best deals and the hottest trends. We may have lost the art of giving. 

This December I invite you to make your buying intentional. Presents with Presence. Whether it’s Christmas, Chanukah, a wedding or just a social gathering, take a moment to ask yourself (maybe pick one that resonates with you the most):

 Am I on autopilot here, creating more junk that gets passed around?

Am I buying this in order to avoid feeling uncomfortable?

Am I just getting caught up in all the hype and spin of commercialisation?

Am I just doing what’s expected?

How do I feel taking out my credit card yet again?

Do I really even like this person?

What are the consequences of this purchase?

What has gone into making this product?

Am I spending my time, energy and money here out of habit, obligation, or guilt?

Do I truly want to gift something that benefits this person, our beautiful Planet and me?